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Jun. 12th, 2010 @ 03:01 pm Where to live?

I'll be starting an MSt in English at Oxford this fall and am looking to rent a room in a shared student house. I'm an international student and won't be able to check any of the places I'm looking at out in person. I also know next to nothing about Oxford as a city. So my question: what are considered nice/desirable areas for postgrads to live? Any neighborhoods you'd recommend avoiding? Ideally I'd like to be within walking distance of the city center, but I'm open to anything!

Thanks in advance for any advice; I know this community isn't very active but thought I'd give it a try.

ETA: I'll be at Pembroke.
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Mar. 20th, 2010 @ 10:21 am Oxford BiFest!
Current Mood: excitedexcited

Calling all Bisexuals, Bicurious, friends and allies in Oxford!

Saturday 27 March

Oxford BiFest

Saturday 27th March, 2010: Oxford BiFest is a day long celebration of everything Bisexual!

Like men? Like women? Like both? Please join us for the first annual Oxford BiFest! A celebration of bisexuality for bisexuals & bi-friendly people including daytime workshops & an evening disco with DJ.

Oxford BiFest is a friendly, welcoming event offering opportunities for networking and new friendships, as well as resources and partnerships for comparing experiences and discussing significant, wide-reaching issues. Our programme features participatory workshops, such as stories and supportive strategies for coming out of the closet; how to fight discrimination or harassment; and how to make choices that promote sexual health. However, we also include lighter ‘fun and games/icebreaker’ sessions, a reading from one of our favourite published authors, and an evening social with a well-known community DJ!

Entry is £10 waged, £5 unwaged.

The Oxford University Club, Mansfield Road

11.00 am - 11.00 pm

Bisexual Oxford website

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south park
Jun. 12th, 2009 @ 10:58 pm Please Delete If This Isn't Relevant...!
Hello! Wannabe-Oxonian (but who isn't one, really).

(I was recently directed here from a friend at college_help and I was just looking for some tips.)

I'm still a lowly high school student but have been dreaming of Oxford since I was an eight-year-old. Since it's now my time to start the college search crack down, I've begun to seriously look into it- and now I'm inundated with CONFUSION.  

I'm looking to work with young, special needs children- maybe in the educational sense, or in the medical field, somehow. Coming from the American system, I'm very confused as to how things work over there and what I should do- no one I know has been there, done that, so I'm just going into it totally blind (and I'll be there totally on my own, if I'm magically accepted)....

What should I be doing right now to get ready? What do I need to have prepared/done in order to apply? As experienced students, what kind of qualifications are we really talking about here? Is there anyone in particular I should be looking to talk to? What's it really like? How do I get off on the right foot (in any/all of the application, interview, academic, and social arenas)? Are there any Americans/other international students out there to give that particular perspective?

Y'all, I'm an American, never even been to England. Obviously, I'm totally lost. *Laughs*

If anyone could help, that'd be great. Thank you so much!
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May. 20th, 2009 @ 02:05 pm As You Desire Me at the OFS Studio
Ba-Laylah Productions is proud to present a new translation of Luigi Pirandello's As You Desire Me at the OFS Studio, showing Tuesday-Saturday, 7:30 pm with a 2:30 Saturday matinee. This play, described as a "a magnificent performance" "thoroughly good...engaging, atmosphere theatre," and "definitely a play to watch" by What's On Stage, is the story of a Berlin cabaret singer and prostitute living in 1920's Berlin who realizes she may or may not be an Italian countess in this Italian melodrama about life, art, and the illusory nature of identity. Starring Frances Rose as the Unknown Woman, who "slips seamlessly and seemingly effortlessly from the crude cabaret dancer/prostitute Elma to the dignified but utterly bewilder Lucia...with dynamism and depth," as well as a strong cast praised for "superb, vibrant" acting, As You Desire Me is filled with "flux and energy." Directed and translated by Tara Isabella Burton, the show "never provides a stale moment." Tickets can be bought through the OFS Studio site or at the box office at 10 George Street.

Starring Frances Rose, Joseph Robertson, Jonathan Sims, Julia Hartley, Laurence Ridgway, Florence Oakley, Gabor Fellner, Kassandra Jackson, Edmund Stewart, and Alexandra Blickhan.

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Mucha Pirate Girl
May. 8th, 2009 @ 08:54 pm (no subject)
Hi all,

I'm teaching a war studies course this summer and would love to have someone in to show my students some chainmail. Does anyone know anyone who makes chaimail for historical reenactment etc.? It would be great to have a demo. No significant cash incentive, probably just a tenner and our admiration. July 10 or 13 would be ideal. Thanks! Possible higher payment, but that depends on my budget getting approved...
Also, any historians around for the summer and keen on visiting a class of 16- to 18-year olds and talking about your favourite bits of military history? It will be fun and CV-enhancing.
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Feb. 28th, 2009 @ 07:43 pm Help?
I'm a Year 12 student, studying English Language and Literature (Combined course), French, Maths and Computing up in Lancashire. I'm thinking of applying to Balliol or possibly Magdalen College to study English; I was wondering if anyone studying the course could give me some information on it. I've looked at the course outline several times, but still feel none the wiser about whether the course is any good for me. I'm not the biggest fan of analysing texts, especially poetry and I really don't want to study another anthology of poems; also, I love creative writing (I've taken part in National Novel Writing Month, for the past two years) and was wondering if there any space at all to explore this side of English.

So, yes, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks again.
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Jan. 21st, 2009 @ 08:38 am Alumni Society Forming in Seattle
Current Location: Seattle, WA
Any Oxford alumns here who live in the Seattle, WA area?

If so, you may be interested to know that we've got a fledgling Oxford University Society for WA now. (So fledgling that I attended the planning meeting last weekend.) For further bare-bones information, visit the Group on Facebook:
Oxford University Society - Seattle

If there are enough takers from LJ, I'll make an LJ comm too. Why not?
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Death Chess
Nov. 23rd, 2008 @ 12:17 pm (no subject)
This is a shout out to anyone who applied for Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Oxford this year and anyone currently enrolled there.

 Any advice on what they are looking for and a way to let them know just how badly I want to get in without seeming desperate or trite? Also Im an international student- how does that weigh in? Thanks in advance.
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Eva Green
Sep. 14th, 2008 @ 04:43 pm seeking second hand scholar's gown

Does anybody have a scholar's gown they'd like to sell on? Otherwise any tips on where to look for second hand gowns would be great. I don't really fancy paying forty quid to get a new one!

ETA: Slightly belated thanks to everyone for the useful advice!
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Sep. 1st, 2008 @ 11:15 am (no subject)
We are about to get a cat, and are looking for a vet in the East Oxford area. Can anyone recommend one?


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Ears back tabby cat